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The CT Exterior Pros has been serving roofing services in Hartford, Connecticut for a while now. We are leading professionals in commercial and residential roofing. Our company is known for its inspection services, including a thorough evaluation of the roof’s structural support. You need to have your roof inspected once every two years. It is essential to ensure that your roof is in its optimal condition to withstand environmental changes. Our roofs must be strong enough to stand against extreme weather conditions that can devastate our lives and belongings.

We pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our roofs have a competitive edge over others as we use traditional roofing methods with modern equipment. This results in a roof that will stay intact for a long time.

Why is Roof Inspection necessary?


If you are experiencing a sudden rise in your electricity bill, a damaged roof may be the reason behind it. It is common not to know if a single shingle has been blown off from the wind or damaged by ice. Because of this, it is recommended to call a reliable roofing company for inspection after there has been a massive storm or harsh weather conditions in your area. If you’re avoiding any of these scenarios, it can lead to premature deterioration of shingles. Hail or even ice can damage the shingle in multiple ways.  


Numerous reasons show roof inspection is of utmost importance. It will not only reveal the problems that your roof is facing but will also tell the age of your roof. If you have spotted any glitch in your roof, it becomes crucial to call in a roof inspector to check if there are more issues associated with it. Having your roof inspected by an expert will also get you proof of inspection, which is essential. Many companies will refuse to offer you insurance if you don’t have proof of inspection from a licensed roofing company. 

roof inspection service in Hartford
roof inspection

Benefits of Roof Inspection


A thorough inspection of your roof will let you know that the roofing issues you are facing are major or minor. After a roof inspection, if the experts find any minor glitch, we will repair it immediately. If we find out that repairing is not enough to tackle the problem, we will use other measures to remove the problem from its root.

 One of the main benefits of having your roof inspected is that you’ll be worry-free when facing any bad weather conditions in your area. You’ll be assured that your roof will withstand no matter how extreme your weather conditions may get. A roof can get leaky after heavy rainfall. It not only causes damage to your home interiors but also puts the lives of the people living there at potential risk of getting hurt. 


Contact the experts at CT Exterior Pros for the roof inspection if you noticed even a small leak in your roof. Your quick action may help you save a lot of money, so don’t ignore or delay. A roof inspection is a must after your area has experienced extreme weather conditions.

roof inspection

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