Roof Repair

Our roof is the most crucial aspect of the home, so we need top-notch roofing that performs well under seasonal stress. A good roof acts as a barrier against the elements. Apart from enhancing your home’s curb appeal, a roof must have the capacity to withstand the seasonal changes and their impact on it. Over time, a roof can get damaged for multiple reasons, including: rain, snow, hail, heat, and other elements. If you have maintained your roof poorly, then its condition can deteriorate.

Usually, the life of the optimal roof is 20-25 years.  

Being an essential part of your house, the roof requires regular inspection, maintenance, and repair if there is a fault. It is the most vulnerable part of the home whose lifespan can be shortened drastically if neglected. But why is roof repair essential?


A damaged roof invites many hazardous issues into your life and belongings that can cost you a lot of money. The roof is constantly exposed to all kinds of conditions that can affect it. So you must provide your roof with the necessary maintenance to avoid costing yourself more. 

A home in Hartford that had a roof repair by CT Exterior Pros

Remember that repairs are always cheaper than replacements.

If you notice even a small glitch in your roof, it’s wise to call a roofing company nearby who will timely inspect your roof and do the necessary repairs. Ignoring a minor issue can lead to more damage which is dangerous for the people residing in the house. Unforeseeable events such as extreme weather conditions can further worsen the situation.

Remember that our roof is the first line of protection that protects us from external or environmental factors. Whether your concerns are regarding cost, energy efficiency, or durability, they can be associated with your roof issues. You must have your roof inspected every 2 years. Also, if you suspect that your roof may have been impacted due to the bad weather condition, it is time you call a roofing expert. 


The professionals at CT Exterior Pros work towards providing the best quality repairing services to help your roof withstand the changing climate. Being proactive about your roof’s maintenance will save you a lot of money. 


CT Exterior Pros are experts in different types of repairs depending upon the amount of damage that includes:

Shingle Roof Repairs

Most residential houses roofs are made up of shingles as they are durable. Primarily there are 3 types of damages that you’ll be able to notice:

  • Broken Shingles

Shingles can get damaged or broken due to harsh weather conditions. Such shingles need immediate replacement to avoid leaking and exposing the home to the outside environment.

  • Splitting

Though shingles are durable, they expand on heating, splitting shingles into pieces or can cause cracks.

  • Granule Loss

The withering of shingles can expose the underneath surface when they rot over time or lose their granules. 

Roof Repair

These are some of the most common repairs that our experts do. We have licensed professionals who can deal with any type of roofing. Protecting your home from the harsh weather requires a solid roof, and if your roof even has some minor glitch, it poses a threat to life and your belongings. The professionals at CT Exterior Pros know your house’s value and importance, which is why our skilled installer will make sure that the job is done to your satisfaction. Don’t just call any roofing contractor; call the Hartford roofing contractors at CT Exterior Pros. 

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