Ridge Vents and Roof Ventilation


Good roof ventilation not only extends the life of the roof but will also lower your energy bill. When we install a roof we pay attention to proper ventilation. Several types of roof vents are available; some of them are more effective than others. However, every vent has the sole purpose of removing stale air from your attic. Proper home ventilation is only possible when you have both intake and exhaust ventilation installed. 

You may not realize it but ridge vents and roof ventilation system can impact your utility bills.

Outdoor air is essential to enter and properly circulate to reach all areas of your home. If air does not spread enough, pollution will start building up indoors. The levels of carbon monoxide may also rise indoors and pose a significant threat to life. In summers, a well-ventilated roof will allow hot attic air to escape easily, which will help the house cool down. Proper ventilation will reduce the demand for air conditioning systems. It will help you save on the electricity bill. At the same time, it also helps you protect your house from harboring germs.

roof with ridge vents and roof ventilation

A good roof and attic do a lot more than cutting energy bills down. It also adds life to your roof shingles. In winters, the same ventilation will also help prevent the formation of ice and water dams on the roof. It allows ice to melt, which can help you prevent a potential dam on the roof. A ridge vent works in line with a vented soffit. The air rises through the soffit and the ridge, which results in vertical ventilation. On the other hand, the gable vents are used for ventilation for the horizontal drafts. These vents can go through the walls on both sides of the roof by allowing natural air to flow through the attic.

NOTE – Do not install horizontal and vertical drafts simultaneously. Doing this will cancel each other out by disrupting the proper ventilation.

The professionals at CT Exterior Pros will provide you with durable vents that’ll offer proper ventilation to avoid any potential leaks. You can choose from the different types and styles of vents for your roofs. Mainly, three types of roof ventilation systems are widely used: Ridge Vents, Soffit Vents, and Gable Vents. 

Leakage in the ridge vents is easy to detect. Just shine a flashlight on the rafters in your attic. If you notice dark stains around the ridge vent, it means there is a leak. Usually, a drip trail can be seen followed down a rafter to where a leak is entering the house. Call CT Exterior Pros as they are Hartford roofing experts in installing and repairing ridge vents. Usually, soffit vents are recommended for intake, and ridge vents for exhaust. The vent your house requires will get figured once our professionals understand your home structure. If you wish to have proper ventilation, we will help you by installing the best system tailored to your house needs.

Contact CT Exterior Pros today for all your roofing, siding and window installation needs. Our diverse array of services will be able to suite your needs. 

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