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Your house is one of the most significant investments of your life, and we at CT Exterior Pros are here to help you save and maintain it. A good and well-maintained roof is the barrier against environmental changes. Also, proper ventilation is only possible if your roof is well structured. This can only be done if professionals do your roofing. We take pride in the superior quality of materials we use with every project.

What we Do

We believe in quality craftsmanship that is showcased in every project we take on. If you’re looking for an inspection, repairs, or servicing of your roof, CT Exterior Pros is here to handle everything. Every homeowner wants to increase their home’s curb appeal, so they renovate their house. But, we often ignore our roofs. In contrast, optimal roofing is necessary to keep people living under it safe from environmental changes.

CT Exterior Pros

Whether it’s your home or business,

our professionals will ensure that you get the quality and best possible results. A good-looking roof is not enough for your house; it must be durable to withstand rain, snow, debris, and branches. Remember that if your roof is not safe, neither are you. If your roof’s condition is terrible and not taken care of, you’ll undergo leaks or develop mold and mildew.

Never ignore even the slightest issue when it comes to your roof, as it may increase damage happening and that will cost you. Do not delay roofing repairs, contact CT Exterior Pros so we can take relevant measures timely. It is not safe for you and your family to stay under a damaged roof.

We know that sometimes it’s not easy to spot faults on your roof by yourself. We here at CT Exterior Pros recommend that roofs are checked on a bi-yearly basis for damage. Our experts are here to inspect your roof thoroughly using their years of experience to guide them and get to the root cause of any problem you may be facing.  

Know CT Exterior Pros’ Experts

The experts at CT Exterior Pros help with roofing needs in Hartford, Connecticut. Whether you need a new roof for a home or are looking for repairs, you can rely on us. Construction is stressful, but our knowledge and expertise in the field will not disturb your peace. Our team goes over the top to provide you with the best quality services available to protect your house effectively from extreme weather conditions. 

We know that roofing is expensive but rest assured that we have genuine prices. Our priority is to repair your roof if doing so is possible. Replacing a roof can cost a lot more. But what we need to do will only depend on the current condition of the roof. 

A good and structurally sound roof adds to the value of the house. It will increase the value of your property. A modern home is not only the one with modern interiors but similar exteriors. This will be possible if you take good care of your roof and do maintenance timely. 


Our experts have handled roofing damage for years, but we believe that each project adds to our experience. We have invested in being knowledgeable about the latest techniques and technology in roofing.


We will provide you with quality services related to all aspects of roofing. It doesn’t matter if you need a customized plan for installing a roof suited to your needs. The professionals at CT Exterior Pros use a specialized process that is intuitive and streamlined as the design needs to be executed orderly. 


CT Exterior Pros is an industry-leading expert that believes in delivering work efficiently. We always use the best materials and quality craftsmanship for every project. This is why we excel in handling commercial and residential roofing. Ranging from chimney stacks to slipped roof tiles, the roofing services that we offer are quite extensive. 

Services that we offer:

We offer anything related to roofing. Our large area of expertise and knowledge has earned us the reputation of being the best roofing company in Hartford city. We provide different roofing services such as:

Residential Roof Repairing

Repairing something is always cheaper than a complete replacement. If you have noticed an issue with your roof, delaying its repair is not wise. Doing this will only escalate the damages. Get in touch with us so that we can act timely and save you from further problems.

Residential Roof Inspection


It is quite possible that if your roof is old, it may get damaged after experiencing harsh weather conditions. Your roof is the most vulnerable part of your home as it is constantly exposed to the elements. Having your roof inspected after a bad storm will let you know how strong it is and how well it can face the upcoming changes. You must have your roof inspected once every 2 years.

Vinyl Siding


Vinyl Siding is one of the great options used to enhance the looks of your home’s exterior. It is an excellent alternative to regular house paint. Many homeowners nowadays are considering having vinyl siding installed. Vinyl being water repellent is the reason it lasts longer. It also doesn’t mold, resists moss growth, and has a longer life expectancy. The colors of high-quality vinyl siding will last decades. Vinyl siding has exceptional strength, which is why it withstands extreme natural conditions. 

Ridge Vents and Roof Ventilation


Proper home ventilation is equally important as maintaining a structured roof. Though many types of roof ventilation are available, it is chosen based on your roof’s positioning. The professionals at CT Exterior Pros will provide you with durable vents that’ll offer proper ventilation to avoid any potential leaks. You can choose from the different types and styles of vents for your roofs. Mainly, three types of roof ventilation systems are widely used: Ridge Vents, Soffit Vents, and Gable Vents.

Window Installation


We might think that our energy efficiency can only be increased with the help of window installation. However, this is not the case. It is essential for you as a homeowner to select the right replacement windows for your home. Our experts at CT Exterior Pros will ensure that the window installed allows you to avoid issues like drafts and water damage. Cold and moisture can easily infiltrate your home through your windows. This further leads to water damage inside the walls of your house. It also weakens the structural integrity of your home. The materials that we use are of superior quality, ensuring that your window lasts  a long time. Our experts are known for providing advanced solutions. The windows that we will install will look beautiful, conserve energy and prevent UV damage. 


Commercial Roof Repair


A commercial building contains lots of businesses and offices. Probably in your building, hundreds of employees may be working, and you cannot afford to put their lives at risk. However, sometimes due to some uncontrolled scenarios, you may experience minor roof faults that can be altered if repaired in a timely manner. If you see any such scenario, get in touch with our team to correct it immediately.


Commercial Roof Inspection


Severe weather conditions can result in minor glitches to your roof, which you might not be able to figure out. Take the help offered by our experts who will inspect your roof and track the fault. We will make you aware of any potential threat and take relevant measures to counter it. Don’t worry about the budget as we have genuine pricing. Also, with inspections, you would save a lot of money in future operational costs.




It may seem like we are talking about roof replacement, but that is not the case. Your roof can get damaged. Reroofing is a step tried before doing roof replacement. Often we think that roof replacement is the only option, but that is likely not the case. Reroofing is the process of resurfacing new shingles on top of already existing ones. It is much cheaper than roof replacement and can be done under certain conditions. 




We have licensed professionals who can deal with any type of roofing. Protecting your home from the harsh weather requires a solid roof, and if your roof has even one minor glitch, it poses a threat to your life and belongings. The professionals of CT Exterior Pros know your house’s value and importance, which is why our skilled installer will make sure that the job is done up to your satisfaction.


A good roof will not only protect you from external conditions, but it also saves on your energy cost. If you feel that your roof may get damaged in that last rain or snow, get in touch with our experts at CT Exterior Pros. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and let you know the relevant measures that will restore the glory of your home.


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