Vinyl Siding Installation

Known as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), the vinyl siding started gaining popularity in the 1970s. Vinyl siding is indeed a great alternative to regular house paint. Though there are many options to choose from the exterior home siding, maximum homeowners prefer vinyl siding. The reason behind this is that vinyl is a water repellant which is why it lasts longer. It also doesn’t mold, resists moss growth, and has a longer life expectancy. The colors of high-quality vinyl siding will last decades.

If you’re looking for vinyl siding for your home anywhere in Hartford, Connecticut, contact CT Exterior Pros. We provide durable vinyl siding installation services engineered to withstand the variable climate conditions reliably. Vinyl siding also offers superior insulating properties that can help reduce your heating and cooling costs.


The siding by our experts looks attractive and helps you lower your heating and cooling bills. Exceptional strength, moisture resistance, and energy efficiency are some of the most prominent properties of vinyl siding. We can help you choose the best vinyl siding for your home you are building or remodeling. Also, you will get rid of the cost and labor involved with the usage of natural materials.

vinyl siding installation

The vinyl siding has a quality appeal and doesn’t require excessive maintenance and service. In this process, the only installation process is your actual expense. It looks premium and will provide a boost to your home’s curb appeal. It also increases the market value of your home. One of the main perks of vinyl siding is that it has almost zero maintenance, and most importantly, it is easy to install. You can choose from the color or style of your choice. The high-end siding can also be made with wood or stone grain patterns that look like natural siding. A unique floating option for installation is required as PVC expands and contracts with temperature changes.

Vinyl Siding Installation in Hartford, CT

Give your home a great new look with our 1-year warranty in siding and maintenance of the service we have provided. The products that we have used are eco-friendly as well as durable. They’ll add thickness and a variety of profiles and sizes to your exteriors. The CT Exterior Pros is known to provide excellent quality at a fair price. The vinyl siding that we provide is low maintenance. You must consider the durability of the siding when choosing one for your home. We are known to provide energy-efficient vinyl siding to the decorative accents that offer the customized style

If vinyl siding is imperfectly installed, then it may spoil the image of even an exceptionally good-looking house. Always trust the professionals when you are planning to install vinyl siding. The high-quality siding can also improve your house’s energy efficiency and enhance its performance capabilities. The team of experts at CT Exterior Pros has skilled and certified vinyl siding installers that provide affordable solutions. Reach out to us, and we will assist you by providing a customized solution specially tailored for you.

vinyl siding installation

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